Does Cholula Need to Be Refrigerated? Here’s Our Hot Take!

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Did you know that Cholula is a 100-year-old family recipe that has been passed down through different generations? (*)

But despite being one of the oldest hot sauces in the world, there’s still one thing people don’t know about it—its proper storage.

With that said, a lot of people are asking:

does Cholula need to be refrigerated?

No, you don’t have to refrigerate Cholula. If so, how and where should you store it? Continue reading to know the answer.
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Does Cholula Need to Be Refrigerated?

No, Cholula doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

When it comes to the hot sauce, the verdict of whether to store it in the pantry or refrigerator is still being put to the test. But when it comes to Cholula, it’s definitely best stored in the pantry.

The best way to determine how to store any condiment is to check out what the manufacturer’s recommendation is. With that said, the company states that you shouldn’t refrigerate their hot sauces.

Unfortunately, this storage suggestion is only stated on their website and not printed in the sauce’s individual bottles, so not a lot of people can easily come across this information.

Fun Fact:

When you follow this storage method, you can enjoy opened Cholula at its best quality for up to 6 months as long as it doesn’t show any signs of spoilage. (*)

Can You Freeze Cholula?

Yes, you can freeze Cholula. This is most especially true if you wish to prolong its shelf life.

However, please keep in mind that there’s still no evidence that says how long the hot sauce’s shelf life will last be extended when you do this. 

Most hot sauces freeze quite well, so you can still enjoy the sauce’s same taste and texture even after it has been frozen and thawed.

Since hot sauces have a watery consistency, freezer burn or water crystallization will have little to no effect on them.

Pro Tip:

If you want to freeze Cholula, make sure to transfer the sauce into a freezer-safe container since its glass bottle will break at freezing point.

How to Handle and Store Cholula to Make It Last Longer?

If you wish to preserve Cholula at its best quality for longer, then you should learn how to store it properly. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Keep Cholula at room temperature.

By room temperature, we’re referring to a temperature that ranges between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any storage temperature higher than that will cause condensation to form inside the sauce’s bottle which can significantly affect its texture.  

Not only that, high temperatures can hasten the oxidation and spoilage process of the sauces, thereby, reducing its shelf life.

Pro Tip:

If you live in areas with warmer climates, you may want to keep a kitchen thermometer to monitor the temperature. If it spikes, it’s best that you turn on your air conditioner to maintain the right temperature.

Store the sauce in a dry place to protect it from humidity.

Humidity is hot sauce’s biggest enemy. Damp storage conditions will cause moisture to form inside the bottle. This unwanted moisture can dilute the sauce which will produce an off-flavor over time.

Keep the sauce away from direct sunlight.

Next to humidity, you may also want to protect the sauce from direct sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, the sauce’s color will start to change. It may go from an appetizing red to an orange shade to a dull brown color.

While discolored hot sauce is still safe for consumption (as long as it doesn’t show any signs of spoilage), it won’t be the most enticing sauce to look at.

With that said, it’s best that you store it in a pantry and cabinet located far away from sunlight and other heat sources.

Ensure that the bottle is tightly sealed.

Exposure to oxygen will facilitate oxidation, a process that will cause the sauce to go bad quicker than expected.

To protect the sauce from oxidation, make sure to cap your bottle properly. In the event that the bottle’s cap has been lost or broken, you should transfer the content to another airtight container.

Keep proper bottle hygiene in mind when handling the sauce.

Here are some of the proper hygiene practices to keep in mind when handling Cholula:

Avoid direct bottle-to-food contact to prevent contamination.

This means that you shouldn’t drag the opening of the bottle across your food to avoid tiny food bits from sticking to the bottle’s opening. These bits will start to spoil which can also affect the sauce’s freshness in the long run.

Clean the lid or the bottle top after every use to prevent the sauce crust from forming.

By doing this, you can prevent bacterial contamination that will cause the sauce to go bad faster.

Don’t pour back leftover sauce into the bottle.

To avoid cross-contamination, it’s best to discard any unused hot sauce.

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The Bottom Line

Does Cholula need to be refrigerated? No, you don’t have to store the sauce in the refrigerator. According to the company website, you should store it in a dark, dry, and cool place.

And if you want it to last longer than 6 months, make sure to follow the hygiene practices that we’ve shared with you.

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