Do White Claws Need to be Refrigerated? (Simple Storage Tips)

What started as a simple alcoholic soda, has quickly become a well known brand name. White Claw Hard Seltzers may be low in calories, but they pack a big punch! Light and refreshing, White Claws are a popular alcoholic drink. In my opinion, they are a drink best enjoyed cool. Do White Claws Need to be Refrigerated? The answer may vary based on personal preference. However, the brand itself has recommendations for how to store this drink – and so do we!

In this article, we will explore the world of White Claws. What exactly are these incredibly popular drinks? And, the main question that brought you here: Should White Claws be refrigerated?

We’ve scoured the internet for answers to your questions. Follow along with us as we discuss White Claws. This fun and refreshing beverage is sure to bring you enjoyment this summer.

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Do White Claws Need to be Refrigerated?

White Claws are best enjoyed cold. It says so right on the package! The best place to store a White Claw can is in a cool, dark place, such as your refrigerator! As an alternative you can place the cans in a cooler on ice.

We do recommend refrigerating your White Claws for the best taste, but it is not required. White Claws are canned and pasteurized, as the majority of alcoholic drinks are. The process allows them to maintain their quality at room temperature. That is, until they are opened!

For best results, you should wait until you are ready to drink your White Claw before cracking the can. Once the can is opened, the drink will quickly lose carbonation. If you do want to store the can for any amount of time, you should cover it and pop it in the refrigerator!

According to the company’s website, White Claws should be consumed within one year of production. The batch code, located on the bottom of the can, will tell you the production date. Be sure to check this date if you’re not sure when you purchased the drinks.

Because White Claws are carbonated and canned, you must use some caution when storing them. Do not store them in freezing cold or very hot temperatures.

Have you ever accidentally left a can in the freezer after trying to cool it quickly? Unfortunately, you are met with a slushy mess when the can freezes. 

Let’s talk about the science behind the explosion. When the water molecules expand, the CO2 molecules are forced to move outward. Cue the explosion and the demise of your tasty beverage. 

Be certain to keep your White Claws from freezing under all circumstances.

White Claws are meant to be a refreshing, summery drink. Keeping these drinks on ice, in the fridge, or in a cooler will ensure that you get to enjoy them in their best form. Take a sip from a cold White Claw to help beat the heat! 

What are White Claws?

Maybe you’re new to the world of White Claw Hard Seltzers. Have you tried these sparkling malt beverages before? White Claw is one of the most popular brands of hard seltzers on the market.

As an alcoholic sparkling water, White Claws are low in calories but still tasty. They have the perfect hint of flavor and come in many varieties. There is likely a flavor of White Claw that you will love!

The original White Claws are 5% alcohol/volume. Their real claim to fame is that they are low calorie, coming in at only 100 calories per can. This is significantly less calories than the majority of other canned drinks. Low calories make these a popular choice for health conscious people who still want to have a beverage.

White Claws are also gluten free, making them safe for those with coeliac disease and gluten sensitivities. Finding canned drinks that do not contain gluten can be a challenge. 

As an added bonus, they contain only 2 grams of sugar. You can enjoy White Claws without the guilt!

Sulfites are present in many types of alcoholic beverages. However, White Claws are free of sulfite-containing ingredients. Sulfites can cause adverse reactions, particularly in people with asthma. We are pleased to report that even those who are sulfite sensitive can enjoy this drink.

All of these factors, along with their fresh taste and gentle carbonation, help White Claw maintain its popularity as a brand. In the U.S. market specifically, this company holds over 50% of the market share. 

These drinks are popular for a reason!

The Final Scoop

We want to help you enjoy White Claws by storing them correctly. After all, they are a popular beverage for a reason! Let’s keep it that way. 

Do you have to refrigerate White Claw Hard Seltzers? No. Should you? Absolutely!

White Claws are best enjoyed cold, but are safe to enjoy at room temperature because they:

  • Contain alcohol
  • Are pasteurized, and;
  • Are canned

We recommend that you refrigerate your White Claws for the most enjoyable experience. The brand also recommends the same. So, get those drinks on ice and relax with a crisp hard seltzer.

We’re curious – what is your favorite White Claw flavor? Do you prefer White Claws chilled? Let us know your thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

What started as a simple alcoholic soda, has quickly become a well known brand name. Many consumers reach for White Claws as their drink of choice!


How long do White Claws last unrefrigerated?

Because White Claws do not require refrigeration, the shelf-life does not change when they are left at room temperature. They will stay good even if they are left in your cupboard for months!

The most important thing to remember is the batch code. The batch code is found on the bottom of the White Claw can. It is set for one year from production.

This will tell you if your White Claws are still good, whether they were refrigerated or not.

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