Do Rice Krispies Go Bad? (The Truth + A Fun Fact!)

Did you know that Rice Krispies has gotten a lot of cool and fun names because of the sound that it makes when milk is added to it?

Yep, it was initially called “The Talking Cereal” in 1928 and was quickly changed to the more familiar “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” slogan a year later.

Despite the many name changes, Rice Krispies remains to be one of the top-selling cereals until today.

While there are no doubts about how delicious this cereal is, there’s one question a lot of us still don’t know the answer to—do Rice Krispies go bad?

Summary: While it’s a shelf-stable product, it can still go bad over time.

However, it goes bad not in the way other food items do,

What do we mean by this? Keep on reading to know the answer!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what makes the cereals pop, we’ll share it with you in this article too!

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Do Rice Krispies Go Bad?

Yes, it does go bad.

The good news is it won’t expire since it contains little to no moisture. Not only that, all of its ingredients are shelf-stable products, so it definitely lasts for a long time.

However, it goes bad in the sense that it will become stale, especially if it’s already opened. This may cause changes in texture and loss of flavor.

Do Rice Krispies Treats Go Bad?

Yes, Rice Krispies Treats can go bad too, but in a different way.

While plain Rice Krispies will become stale, Rice Krispies treats will become rancid. This is because such treats use butter, oil, or marshmallows which are all prone to rancidity.

The rancidification process won’t just change the treats’ texture but will also give the treats an unpleasant taste.

How Long Do Rice Krispies Last?

The packaging of Rice Krispies comes with a printed date. It’s important to note that this is a best-by date (indicates quality) and not an expiration date (indicates safety).

To clear things up, you can still safely eat the Rice Krispies (as long as it doesn’t show signs of spoilage) past the printed date. However, it will start to lose freshness by then.

Ideally, an unopened box of Rice Krispies can last for a year past the printed date. On the other hand, an opened box can last for up to 6 months after being opened.

Where to Find Expiration Date and How to Read Them?

The best-by date is placed in any of these two places:

  • At the top or bottom of the box
  • Backside or front side of the individual bags

Kellogg’s, the company behind this cereal, formats their printed date in this way—MMDDYY. The first two digits represent the month, followed by 2 digits representing the days, and the last 2 digits as the year.

How Long Do Rice Krispies Treats Last?

Since these contain unstable ingredients, they have a shorter shelf life—only around 1 week or until they show signs of rancidity.

How to Tell if Rice Krispies Have Gone Bad?

On their own, the cereals won’t spoil but they will go stale. However, various external factors may cause it to spoil. If this happens, you should avoid consuming it to prevent food poisoning.

That’s why it’s important that you inspect it for any of the following signs of spoilage:

Oily Texture and Weird Smell

The presence of bacteria, like Salmonella, will cause the cereals to have an oily texture. It will also cause a weird smell similar to that of grass and paint.

Mold Growth

If your cereals have been exposed to moisture, there’s a high chance that mold will grow in them. Once your cereals start to show dark or green spots, it’s best that you throw them right away.

Presence of Bugs and Insects

An opened box of cereals can easily get infested by pantry bugs and insects, especially when it wasn’t sealed properly.

While these insects might be harmless, it’s best to stay on the safe side and throw away contaminated cereals.

How to Store Rice Krispies to Make Them Last Longer

The best way to prevent cereals and treats from spoiling is to store them the right way. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Store an unopened box in a cool, dark, and dry place.

To prevent the cereals from oxidizing, keep them away from sources of heat and light to prevent the marshmallow and butter in the treats from melting.

Once opened, transfer the cereals to an airtight container.

Make sure that the lid is tightly sealed to prevent them from losing their crispy texture.

Extend its shelf life by freezing or refrigerating it.

If unopened, you can place it inside the refrigerator in its original packaging. But if it’s already unopened or you plan on freezing it, make sure to place it in a freezer-safe bag to protect it from freezer burn or the dry air in the refrigerator.  

How to make Rice Krispies treats?

To make these treats, you’ll need the following ingredients: Rice Krispies, butter, and marshmallow.

Start by melting the butter in a pan then add in marshmallows. After that, pour the cereals in a baking sheet large with parchment paper.

Add the melted butter and marshmallow mixture and mix the cereals with your hands to evenly distribute the mixture. After that, proceed on shaping the treats into squares or whatever shape you wish.

Fun Fact: What Makes Rice Krispies Pop?

When it was initially launched, Rice Krispies is known for making that popping sound once you pour milk all over it, and you’re finally going to know why it makes that popping sound!

The contact between the cereals and milk produces carbon dioxide bubbles and that’s what creates the popping sound we all love to hear!

The Bottom Line

Do Rice Krispies go bad? Yes, and it goes bad in two ways. Rice Krispies go stale while the treats get rancid.

Not only that, but various external factors can also cause it to spoil too which can be dangerous for your health. If you want to prevent this, just follow all of the storage tips that we’ve shared with you above.

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