11 Best Corn Oil Substitute For Baking And Other Purposes


Corn oil is one of the healthiest oils used in cooking and baking. Its flavor and nourishment make it stand out among others. However, what happens when you run out of this oil or it is not readily available? Then there is a need for corn oil substitutes.

It is interesting to know that other oils work just as great as corn oil. The difference is barely noticeable when you use a corn oil substitute for frying, baking, salads, or other food preparation methods.

In this article, we will discuss amazing topics of interest about corn oil such as:

  • What corn oil is?
  • Uses of corn oil
  • The list of corn oil substitutes you can utilize

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What Is Corn Oil?

As the name implies, corn oil is oil that comes from the seed or kernel of the corn plant. People extensively use this oil for cooking and it ranks on the top tier of frying oil due to its high smoke point. (*)

Unlike other vegetable oils, corn oil is less expensive.

Furthermore, corn oil is known for its characteristic light color and bland flavor.

Since it is highly refined, it is free of impurities, and unpleasant smells and has a relatively low level of saturated fatty acids.

How Is Corn Oil Used?

image of using Corn Oil

Corn oil is popular cooking oil. People often use them for the following purposes:

  • Salad dressing
  • Baking
  • Deep frying 
  • Kinds of Margarine and shortenings
  • Sauces and spreads

What Can You Use As A Corn Oil Substitute?

There is an almost endless list of oils that share the flavor, texture, light color, high smoke point, and application of corn oil. Hence, the substitutes for corn oil include:

1. Avocado Oil

image of using Avocado Oil

Number one on our list of corn oil substitutes is avocado oil.

Avocado oil comes from the fruit of the avocado tree. It is buttery just like corn oil and has numerous health benefits that it shares with corn oil. (*)

The avocado oil has a high smoke point like corn oil. The smoke point is the temperature at that cooking oils begin to burn and break down into toxic compounds.

Note that an oil with a higher smoke point is safer to consume than one with a lower smoke point, especially when it is used for cooking at high temperatures.

You can use avocado oil as a substitute in recipes that require corn oil without raising a brow. It is flavorful, mild, and safe.

This corn oil replacement contains lutein and oleic acid in a great amount. These components are essential for the eye and lower cholesterol, respectively.

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2. Butter

image of using Butter

Number two on our list of corn oil substitutes is butter.

Butter is an excellent ingredient to replace corn oil for whatever recipe you would like to try. It is known for its unique flavor and texture. And, it tastes the best in recipes that require minimal or no water content.

This is because the taste of butter depends mainly on its water content.

However, there is a need to properly control the temperature when cooking with butter; unlike corn oil, it does not have a high smoke point.

Additionally, butter can be either salted or unsalted.

Unsalted butter has a longer shelf life and is best for frying and sautéing, while salted butter intensifies flavor and texture and works well when baking.

  • Fun fact: Butter does not only provide healthy fats which are absent in corn oil but is also incredibly satisfying when used in baking.

3. Canola Oil

image of Canola Oil

Next, we have canola oil as number three on our list of corn oil alternatives.

Canola oil comes from the rapeseed plant.

The oil has a mild flavor, a high smoke point, and a clear appearance which corresponds to the corn oil.

Therefore, you can use canola oil as a substitute for corn oil in most recipes without any hitch.

It is similar to corn oil in flavor and cooking properties and is rich in vitamin E, lacking carcinogens found in most oils, making it a healthier choice.

This particular oil is one of the most affordable cooking oil in recent times.

Health fact: On the path of healthiness, canola oil is healthier than corn oil. It has low saturated fats and a relatively high ratio of mono-saturated fats in comparison to poly-saturated fats.

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4. Coconut Oil

image of Coconut Oil

Then, here’s coconut oil as the number four on our list of corn oil replacements.

Coconut oil should win the award for versatility. You might notice that it is commonly used for skincare and hair, among other benefits. (*)

Yes, you can use coconut oil as a substitute for corn oil.

In fact, you can use it for baking and food preparation instead of corn oil because it has a neutral but extra flavor.

Additionally, coconut oil is famous for its enchanting aroma. In contrast, many dread that this might interfere with the flavor and taste of the food if you utilize it for cooking.

In the real sense, however, coconut oil’s neutral flavor and aroma will not alter the flavor of a recipe or food product.

Thus, coconut oil makes an excellent substitute for corn oil!

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5. Grapeseed Oil

Number five is grapeseed oil as one of the substitutes for corn oil.

Grapeseed oil comes from crushed grapes seeds. It is edible, healthy, has a fruity taste, and is safe for cooking in place of corn oil.

Other benefits of grapeseed oil include its protection of the skin from harmful rays, heat, and light.

It remarkably contains vitamin E! No wonder you can find it as an ingredient in many skincare products!

As a substitute for corn oil, it works well with salad dressing, sautéing, and even frying.

6. Light Olive Oil

Next on our list is light olive oil as another alternative ingredient for corn oil.

If you pride yourself on cooking with a healthy-looking and great-tasting oil instead of corn oil, then your topmost peak should be the light olive oil. Plus, it is readily available and affordable!

Fortunately, you can use light olive oil in all recipes! Recent studies also revealed that it can also help improve one’s general wellbeing.

Although it is a good corn oil alternative, it has a lower smoke point when if you compare it with corn oil.

7. Peanut oil

Seventh on the list of corn oil substitutes is peanut oil.

Peanut oil is a healthier choice and has a lower amount of saturated fat. In fact, you have two options.

Peanut oil may be refined or unrefined; both are great, but the unrefined has a more robust peanut flavor.

Fortunately, peanut oil’s mild flavor allows it to be an excellent accompaniment for most foods.

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8. Safflower oil

Eighth on the list of alternatives for corn oil is safflower oil.

Safflower oil is the corn oil’s carbon copy. It has all of the corn oil’s characteristics and more nutritional benefits.

Amazingly, it is cheaper to produce safflower oil than it is to do corn oil. 

Many people use safflower oil in cooking, baking, salads, and as an addition to smoothies.

9. Soybean oil

Meet soybean oil as number nine on the list of our replacements for corn oil.

Another popular cooking oil is soybeans oil. It is a vegetable cooking oil extracted from the seeds of soybeans.

Soybean oil is versatile. You can use it for marinades, salad dressing, sautéing, baking, etc.

Interestingly, soybean oil nourishes with vitamin E and contains antioxidants.

It is healthy with fats and has a high smoke point, too.

10. Sunflower oil

Next is sunflower oil as tenth on the list of substitutes for corn oil.

Talk about healthy, cheaper, and more convenient oil that is environmentally safe, say sunflower oil. We can also say that is safer to consume this oil than corn oil!

Sunflower oil has a bland and calming flavor and aroma, respectively, and can be used for sensitive meal preparations where mild flavoring is required.

11. Vegetable oil

Lastly, we have vegetable oil as number 11 on the list of corn oil substitutions.

Vegetable oil is a great ingredient to replace corn oil. It has a milder flavor than corn oil and is a healthier option.

Specifically, vegetable oils are great for frying but may not be adequate in recipes that require saturated flavoring. 

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Take Away 

So far, you do not have to throw your recipe away when halfway into it because you ran out of corn oil.

You can try avocado oil, butter, canola oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, light olive oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, and vegetable as your substitute for corn oil.

The corn oil replacements mentioned above can save the day and bring out the beauty in your pastries, smoothies, cooked food, and salads. 

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