What is a Good Substitute For Bacardi 151? (Quick Alternatives)


Were you just as sad as we were when we discovered Bacardi 151 discontinued production? We wanted to stock up on all the bottles we could find! But obviously, we knew that that wasn’t possible, and even if we did stock up, it would run out within… weeks! Kidding aside, this was the perfect opportunity to research and find the best Bacardi 151 substitute for our next cocktails or dinner parties.

Are you also stuck in a rut and need the perfect Bacardi 151 alternative?

Continue reading, and you can find the best one for your taste.

What’s Bacardi 151 Exactly?

Bacardi 151 was an overproof rum made by Bacardi Limited from Hamilton, Bermuda. As the name suggests, it’s called Bacardi 151 because it has an alcohol-proof level of 151, or 75.5% ABV.

Why was Bacardi 151 discontinued?

Unfortunately, Bacardi discontinued Bacardi 151 in 2016 as a way to clean its image. The company felt concerned with the highly flammable Bacardi 151, which had a reputation as dangerous. Who can blame them? This liqueur had an almost 76% ABV.

There aren’t official reasons behind Bacardi 151’s demise, but we speculate Bacardi thought it was better to cancel the liqueur than to handle lawsuits from consumers who drank too much of it. Fortunately, Bacardi still stands strong with many other liqueur offerings to choose from. 

Pro-tip: Can you buy Bacardi 151 anymore? If you want to get your hands on Bacardi 151, you can be lucky and purchase from online stores that still have stock. However, the prices most likely skyrocketed because of their scarcity.

What is a Good Substitute For Bacardi 151?

We best describe Bacardi 151 as rum-flavored vodka because it’s relatively flavorless, but you can still sense the rum elements there. That’s why we recommend an ovenproof rum as a good Bacardi 151 substitute with almost similar strength, like:

Rum SubstituteOriginABVFlavor ProfileRecommended Use
Lemon Hart 151GuyanaN/AExcellent, flavorful dark rumPopular in many cocktails
Goslings Black Seal 151BermudaN/AHeavy, hint of sweetness similar to root beerMai Tai, Dark and Stormy cocktails, or as a floater
Pusser’s Overproof Navy RumCaribbean75% ABVStrong and voluminous body, subtle sweetnessFor connoisseurs and rum enthusiasts
Wray & Nephew White OverproofJamaicaN/ABold and intense, not as sweet or flavoredIdeal as a mixer in Tiki cocktails

1. Lemon Hart 151

Lemon Hart 151 is an excellent, flavorful dark rum and what we consider the legend of overproof rums. Because of the liqueur’s complex flavors, rum enthusiasts worldwide love the “Gold Standard.”

Lemon Hart 151 comes from Guyana, popular in many cocktails. You can also find the liqueur referred to in Trader Vic’s cocktail recipe book.

2. Goslings Black Seal 151

This heavy dark rum has a hint of sweetness similar to root beer. It’s made in Bermuda and is considered the island’s most exported product.

Interestingly, Gosling’s Black Seal Dark 151 Run is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, catering to many dieters! We highly recommend mixing this run into your Mai Tai or Darn and Stormy cocktail. You can also use it as a floater in drinks or added to flame desserts.

3. Pusser’s Overproof Navy Rum

This is an extremely dark rum to the point we joke around that it’s black rum! It has a 75% ABV made of all-natural ingredients, without any artificial flavorings or colors.

Pusser’s British Navy Overproof Rum consists of single rums produced from Caribbean islands like Barbados, Guyana, and Trinidad. It’s then stored and bottled in Guyana.

We don’t recommend the Pusser’s Rum for beginners as it isn’t a simple liqueur. Connoisseurs and rum enthusiasts will enjoy this rum for the strong and voluminous body it offers. You’ll also taste subtle sweetness with a hint of tropical fruit flavors and a long and spicy finish.

4. Wray & Nephew White Overproof

Wray & Nephew is an extremely rich white rum featured in numerous Tiki cocktails. While we love this excellent Bacardi 151 substitute, we’ve got to warn you – We tried it, and it’s pretty intense! Because of the burn, some people describe it as being punched in the throat.

This bold Jamaican rum has a unique character. It isn’t as sweet or flavored as other rums, so it’s made best as a mixer.

Other Bacardi 151 Substitutes You Can Try

5. Old J Tiki Fire

Old J Tiki Fire has a 75.5% ABV and caramel finish. It’s very strong, but funnily enough, this liqueur goes down smoothly and tastes great, acting like a lower-strength rum. Avoid having too much of this because the next thing you know, you’re dancing on the tables!

We definitely recommend the Old J Tiki Fire if you’re after the similar ABV of Bacardi 151.

6. Plantation Overproof OFTD Rum

This is another overproof rum made from rums coming from Barbados, Jamaica, and Guyana. The OFTD stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark, best suited for cocktails.

Expect intense and precise notes of truffles, jam, plum, orange, and coffee. It tastes different from the slightly flavorless Bacardi 151, but it works if you want deeper flavor with dark coffee and fruits hints!

7. Don Q 151

Don Q 151 is another overproof rum and excellent Bacardi 151 substitute. This liqueur comes from New Zealand, made from light and dark rums, and aged for at least three years.

Its vanilla and oak characteristics, alongside smoke and tobacco notes, make it well-rounded enough for tropical or Tiki-themed cocktails. Like the Bacardi 151, the company discontinued it at one point. However, it relaunched during Don Q’s 150th anniversary of the Serralles Distillery!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to learn more about Bacardi 151 and its substitutes, check out our frequently asked questions section below:

Fun fact: Bacardi discontinued Bacardi 151 and rebranded, wanting to become a premier rum distributor. As such, they rebranded a few of their liqueurs and introduced new products to consumers.

Wrapping It Up

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite bottles of liqueur suddenly halt production?

You don’t need to worry about it anymore because you can always find a great alternative. Granted, they won’t follow the exact same recipe, aroma, and flavor, but hey, close enough!

Hopefully, you found the best Bacardi 151 substitute from our list. If you’d like to learn more about liqueur substitutions and more informative topics, we’ve got you covered here at Nomspedia.

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