Air Fryer Frozen Shrimp Recipes (You Can Prepare in a Jiffy!)

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Do you want to enjoy satisfying shrimp dishes, but you’re pressed for time? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will share no-thaw shrimp recipes you can make in the air fryer in less than an hour.  

So what are you waiting for? Check out our air fryer frozen shrimp recipes so you can say goodbye to plenty of dishes and long cooking times and say hello to quick, easy, and delicious shrimp recipes!

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15 Air Fryer Frozen Shrimp You Can Make in Minutes!

If you’re short on time, here are some air fryer frozen shrimp recipes that take less than an hour to prepare:  

1. Air fryer Frozen ShrimpSimple and Basic

Let’s begin the list with the simple shrimp recipe of them all—the simple air fry frozen shrimp.

Technically, this is just pre-cooked (or not) frozen shrimp that are reheated or cooked in the air fryer. There are no seasonings or anything to highlight the shrimp’s natural flavor.

While it’s pretty simple, one of these recipes offers flexibility. You can serve this recipe with your choice of sauce, or you can also choose to season it with salt, pepper, and lemon beforehand.

2. Air Fryer Shrimp with Lemon Garlic ButterThe Classic Shrimp Dish

If there’s one sauce you shouldn’t miss out on, it’s no other than lemon garlic butter. It’s just the perfect pairing for shrimps.

The garlics give the shrimps a savory twist, the butter gives it that must-have richness, and the lemon adds a citrusy touch that balances the whole meal.

The best part is this is also the easiest sauce to make, so that’s a big bonus point, right?

3. Honey Lime Air Fryer ShrimpSweet and Citrusy

If you’re looking for a shrimp dinner packed with sweetness, citrus goodness, and many flavors, this honey lime air fryer shrimp is just the dish for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to work hard to get the flavor you want. All you need to do is marinate the shrimp in a mixture of honey, lime, and garlic then cook it in the air fryer for 5 minutes—that simple!

4. Airfry Tempura ShrimpA Japanese Favorite

Are you craving some tempura? We got you, fam! Here’s one of the easiest tempura recipes you can get your hands on because you can make it using frozen shrimp and an air fryer.

Since it uses less oil, this tempura dish is much healthier than deep-fried ones.

Pro Tip: If you want a simpler and quicker option, you can simply go for frozen shrimp tempura products in the grocery stores. Just simply follow their cooking instructions, and you’re good to go.

5. Air Fry Bang Bang ShrimpCrunchy and Spicy

For those whole love crunchy and spicy dishes, Air Fry Bang Bang Shrimp is the recipe to try.

The breaded shrimp is made golden and crunchy in their air fryer, so it’s not greasy or loaded with unhealthy fats.

But the star of the dish is not the crunchy-on-the-outside-and-tender-on-the-inside shrimps, and the delicious sauce loaded with heat comes with it.  

The sauce is a spicy Sriracha aioli that perfectly balances sweet, spicy, and creamy.

Pro Tip: You can toss the shrimp in sauce or serve the sauce alongside it—whichever suits your taste.

6. Bacon-wrapped ShrimpA Surf and Turf Option

Sweet, smoky, buttery, and crispy—these are some of the words that best describe this comfort food.

This dish is a cocktail of flavors and textures that will delight your taste buds and senses.

And if you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you know that this dish requires only 3 ingredients and will be ready within 15 minutes. How great is that?

Pro Tip: You can serve this as an appetizer, main dish, or both!

7. Airfryer Frozen Coconut ShrimpA Tropical Delight

Coconut shrimps are a big hit because they’re a little crispy and a little sweet and a whole lot of tropical.

If you think coconut shrimps are totally out of this world, you’ll certainly go crazy when you try its honey sriracha sauce which is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet and gives you just enough heat to balance the shrimp’s sweet taste.

If you’re missing the summer season, every bite of this delicious shrimp recipe will be a trip to the beach.

8. Airfryer Shrimp in Garlic Ginger SesameTaste of Asia

Asian dishes don’t need to be complicated, and this Garlic Ginger Sesame Shrimp proves that.

You only need to use 5 ingredients (all of which you already have in your pantry) to create that authentic Asian taste that leaves you asking for more.

And you know what’s the best part? There’s no need for breading (goodbye excess carbs!) since the shell already gives the shrimp the crunch it needs.  

Pro Tip: You may want to line the air fryer basket with aluminum foil to prevent the sauce and shrimp juices from creating a big mess.

9. Crispy Airfry Shrimp in Asian Honey Sesame SauceA Flavor Bomb

Call the bomb squad because this shrimp dish is a flavor bomb! It’s loaded with familiar Asian flavors like the nuttiness of sesame, the richness of garlic, the sweetness of honey, but most of all, the unique heat of Sriracha.

This may not be an authentic Asian recipe, but it’s inspired by some of the most comforting Asian condiments.

Pro Tip: Rice is the perfect side dish to soak up all the dish’s saucy goodness.

10.  Blackened Shrimp in the Airfryer– Smoky, Spicy, and Savory

Are boiled, steamed, or grilled shrimp not flavorful enough for you? If so, blackened shrimps will impress you.

The Cajun seasoning lends a delicious flavor to the shrimp, but what will blow your mind is the smoky and savory flavor that the blackening technique imparts to it.

Heads up, though, skip the butter and go for olive oil instead. That’s because the latter has a higher smoke point which is a better match for the air fryer. After all, it can get quite hot fast.

11.  Airfried Shrimp TacosA Trip to Mexico

This is one shrimp dish we’ll have you ready for Taco Tuesdays.

What we love most about this recipe is you can make it using just the air fryer basket, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time washing many dishes.

Just toss the shrimp in olive oil and different Mexican spices (cumin, chili powder, paprika, and many more) and air fry it, then you can proceed to assemble your tacos.

Pro Tip: Serve this with Pico de Gallo, corn salsa, or pickled red onion.

12.  Airfryer Garlic Parmesan Shrimp- Garlicky and Cheesy-licious

Cheese, garlic, and shrimp just go oh so well together. There’s something about the savory and creamy flavor and texture of cheese and garlic that perfectly complements the sweet and succulent shrimp, so this is one dish you shouldn’t miss out on.

That’s not all. This is also one of the most versatile shrimp dishes, as you can serve it on top of pasta or a cup of rice.

Pro Tip: You can serve this as an appetizer with marinara sauce on the side.

13.  Shrimp Fajitas in AirfryerSpicy, Tangy, and Savory

Here’s a great idea—why don’t we add a summery flavor and lighter twist on your supposedly heavy and greasy fajitas dish? The trick is to use shrimp and cook them in an air fryer!

But wait, there’s more. The delicious and crispy shrimp are perfectly complemented with vegetables, giving it a unique texture and great colors.

Pro Tip: Cook the vegetables longer to give them a nice char.

14.  Spicy Stir-fried ShrimpTikTok Famous

Are you in for some heat? You might want to check out this spicy, airfried shrimp that has gone viral on TikTok for many good reasons!

Featuring a mixture of paprika and Chipotle seasoning, you’re sure that this dish will pack some heat.

The cherry on top of the heat is the richness of the butter, so you get a buttery and spicy dish that will satisfy your cravings.

Pro Tip: You can use flavored butter like herb butter or roasted garlic butter.

15.  Airfry Cajun Shrimp with Broccoli– Spicy with a Healthy Twist

If bold flavors are your thing, Cajun is the spice to use. It has a bold and spicy flavor from cayenne and paprika with a subtle hint of earthy taste from the herbs, onion, and garlic.

Aside from the boost of flavor, this dish also has a healthy twist as it also comes with broccoli florets which offer a wide range of benefits that you can enjoy. (*)

Pro Tip: Make your own Cajun spice blend for a healthier twist.

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