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To us, food isn’t just food; it’s the story and the essence of the person who made it, and there’s something magnetic about that.

Also, we love that food has this wonderful way of pulling people of different backgrounds and cultures together.


Welcome to NOMS PEDIA, a place where foodies and home chefs can come together to discover and create amazing recipes.

We believe that good food starts with education, and our goal is to provide our readers with the resources they need to make healthy, delicious meals for themselves and their families.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, we’ve got something for you. So come on in, have a seat at our table, and let’s get cooking!

Meet Our Team

Esther – CoFounder, Content Creator at NOMSPEDIA

She had always loved food. From the time She was a young girl, She had been fascinated by all the different varieties of dishes and ingredients that went into making them.

She would spend hours in the kitchen with her mother while she cooked, eagerly watching as she whipped up something new or perfected an old favorite.

So when she heard someone say to me one day that she couldn’t do something related to food, it lit a spark within her.

She knew then that even if his dream of running a restaurant wasn’t going to be possible right away, she could still pursue his passion in other ways – like creating NomsPedia.com , a blog dedicated entirely to exploring and celebrating delicious meals from around the world!

At first it was just for fun but before long she found herself spending more and more time on it; soon enough, what started out as just another hobby became much bigger than she ever anticipated.

With over 1 million readers every month now tuning in for recipes and reviews from people who shared Esther’s love for food, NomsPedia quickly grew into its own mini-business.

When she isn’t busy chasing after her little girl or spending quality time with her partner at home you’ll likely find her cooking up some kind of tasty concoction in the kitchen (even if it does tend to make quite a mess).

And although sometimes life can get pretty chaotic between work and family commitments, there’s nothing else that brings joy quite like seeing smiles spread across peoples’ faces when they enjoy something special created with love – especially if it’s one of Esther’s creations!

Patricia Telesco

-Content Creator

There are few things in the world more meaningful than spending time cooking a meal for loved ones and then having a feast in each other’s company. A glass of good wine completes the experience but is not strictly speaking necessary.

There are people who eat to live, there are people who live to eat…..I come under second category…coz if there is so much to taste and enjoy as food, why not enjoy it to the max, we can…

Amy Hand

-Content Creator

As an ex-chef, Amy feels she has a lot of know-how that she can share with readers that you won’t get from a writer that is just a food enthusiast.

Her favorite way to write about food is as if she is chatting to a friend and giving them some tips.

If her readers leave feeling enriched and entertained then she know her job is done.

Cooking is an act of love that brings people together in a way that transcends culture, language, and interests. Different foods connect us to the many histories, cultures, and peoples of the world.

Darla Romanski

-Content Creator

image of Darla Romanski

Darla Romanski is a savvy food, nutrition, foraging, and gardening writer based in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs.

In an effort to overcome a chronic illness, she dove into researching the many healing diets available.

And found a love of cooking and developing nutritionally dense recipes that are both healing and delicious.

When she’s not cooking or writing, you can find her reading and dream about being at the beach.

Agnes Szeplaki

-Content Creator

image of Agnes Szeplaki

Agnes Szeplaki lives, works, and writes in Budapest, Hungary. She has spent many years honing her craft, writing about foods, cooking and kitchen.

Despite having a degree in Marketing, her true passion, calling, and life is writing. She seeks knowledge of both traditional and modern cuisines and techniques.

Between bonsai gardening sessions, she is always ready to share her next culinary adventure while enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Everyone loves food and I am no different. However, my love for food goes deeper than just the urge to eat, I also loves watching food shows.

Food is our culture, and in that sense, food is our identity. It is something that no one can take from us, no matter how far from home we go.

Dayle Dotan-Love

-Content Creator

image of Dayle Dotan-Love

Dayle is an enthusiastic epicure with hands-on experience in the catering and food services industries.  

She has lived her passion by running a street food business and a Boutique cafe in South Africa.  

She keeps the ideal of community support in mind and believes food is a journey from its source to your plate.

In her roles as a business partner and manager, Dayle delivered thought-out menus with recipes using accessible and nutritious ingredients.  

She has extensive knowledge of vegan and vegetarian cuisine and a strong understanding of meat-based meals.

Being well-traveled, Dayle has explored various destinations and exposed her palette to several taste sensations.  

At the same time, she was engaging with the locals to gain valuable information about the cuisine. 

After years of active service within the industry, Dayle now focuses on sharing her knowledge and expertise by writing informative articles on food ingredients and preparation, food tips, and travel.

We hope you enjoy trying out our recipes, contents as much as we love creating them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And if you come across a typo or mistake, drop us a note – We’ re always happy to hear from our readers.



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